August 26, 2009


I needed an easy, gratifying project to get me back into knitting mode after a break of more than two months, and Damson by Ysolda turned out to be perfect for that purpose. After playing the Sims 3 and reading Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series obessively during my break, I had some problems getting started (three various sock projects were cast on and then ripped). I love shawls for the fact that the gauge doesn't matter, so you can just jump right into it instead of trying to figure out if it's going to fit right or not.

The yarn I used was Filcolana Arwetta, acquired in an international yarn swap with Sofie from Denmark. The yarn is very splitty, which, especially for a sock yarn, seems strange to me. I also wouldn't use it on any demanding lace or cable work, because dealing with the splitting would be too frustrating for me. For this project, though, it seemed to be suitable, and I'm glad I found some use for it. It's very soft and has a nice drape. In some ways it feels like cotton yarn (which I'm not very fond of). The needles I used were 3.5 mm circulars.