March 20, 2016

Cupcake Mittens

Cupcake Mittens

I'd had my eye on Spilly Jane's Cupcake Mittens for a while, and after they were included in her book, I decided it was time. The printed color knitting charts in this book are a delight; they are so big, clear and colorful. The charts alone make me want to knit more patterns from this book.

I combined a size S stitch count with more like a size M lengthwise pattern repeats. My round gauge in stranded knitting must be tighter than average, because mittens easily end up too short from thumb to the tip of fingers even though my fingers are anything but long (insert a joke about Donald Trump fingers here). I also used sport weight yarn instead of fingering, but that didn't seem to affect my gauge much.

Early on, when my sister saw a progress photo, she dropped a not-so-subtle hint that she would love to have them as a birthday gift, and while I made no promises, I made sure they would be finished in time for that. The deadline was actually a good motivator to finish the mittens, because about halfway through I'd lost some of my drive for stranded knitting (which comes and goes). They were, indeed, finished in time, and gifted.

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