June 25, 2015

Tubularity & Wichtelwalzer



There's been some crafting going on, but not a lot of finishing lately. The woven scarf out of Wollmeise in Wichtelwalzer and some solid colors was started in January, then I kind of lost my weaving obsession. I eventually finished the weaving a few months ago, but couldn't bring myself to twist the fringe. Until yesterday, when the desire to get rid of a nagging WIP grew bigger than the aversion to get back to working on something you lost your mojo on.

Tubularity hadn't reached UFO status yet, but was at the risk of getting there. I decided to leave it short, so instead of the option of wrapping it lengthwise it can be used only in the tube form. I no longer like the colors I chose, and most likely this will get no use from me.  I knew this by the time I was knitting the last section, but I still wanted the closure of finishing it.

Wicthelwalzer and Tubularity on Ravelry.