September 20, 2009

Garter Yoke Cardigan

Knit as a gift for my mom, the Garter Yoke Cardigan from Fall/Winter 2008 Knit.1. I used the Cascade 220 Wool I bought last fall on our trip to Michigan, and size 4.0 mm circular needles (including the sleeves, which were magic looped). I think this will be a good size for mom, but if I knit another one for myself, I want it just a little bit bigger, especially in the chest area. On the other hand, this one flares up too much at the waist for me, so I'd leave out some of the increases after the waist shaping. I made the sleeves 3/4 instead of full. Part of the reason was that, for some reason, I found the sleeves tedious to knit, but, as you may have noticed, all the other cardigans I've knit have 3/4 sleeves, as well. It's just a practical length for a cardigan you wear at home.

September 6, 2009

Rosamund's Cardigan

Time for a less successful finished project. The Rosamund's Cardigan from the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits interested me due to the short sleeves and the neckline. I decided to knit it out of Novita Luxus Stone and used smaller needles than recommended (3.5 and 4 mm) because I was afraid of it growing too much during blocking. However, it didn't, and it ended up being too tight. It's also too short for my liking, and the increases after the waist shaping make it flare up too much for my body shape. It doesn't look very nice when held closed just by the buttons, but the hooks I bought for it didn't work out, so for the pictures it's held closed by safety needles. I was thinking of using some snaps instead of hooks, but since I have little desire to actually wear this thing, I will probably never get around to sewing them on.