May 9, 2010

Suit Yourself Socks

More Cat Bordhi socks, but this time from her new book, Personal Footprints. It's a totally new way of knitting a sock, which intrigued me, because I'm tired of the traditional sock construction. First you knit the toe, foot and heel as a closed tube, and then you cut it open at the top to knit the leg. I didn't actually make the cardboard footprint you're supposed to with this book, I just took measurements at certain points and it worked out fine. I like both the toe and the heel (which you can't see very well in these pictures, but especially the heel looks very different from your average sock's).

I'm not quite as enthusiastic about my choice of yarn. It was my first time working with Spud & Chloë Fine, which I was interested in because it contains silk, but it feels a bit like plastic to me. It was OK to knit with, but I don't think I'll buy it again, because I have so many other yarns like better. The needles were 2.5 mm circulars magic-looped once again.


  1. Beautiful socks! I have this book on my list but I need to knit something from her first book before I go buying that one!

  2. i love how you've been experimenting lately! it's so fun to read about!

  3. I love how these sock slouch! I may just have to knit myself a pair.