February 28, 2011

Familiar Feeling

Familiar Feeling

After getting only two hours of sleep last night (due to staying up for the Oscars broadcast), I'm not quite firing on all cylinders tonight, but I think this is simple enough a project to post about with only half the brain capacity. This is an improvised scarf meant to both use up the Cascade Heritage Silk I bought recently and to have a neutral colored accessory to wear with my various knitted hats. I'm quite happy with the result, it's pretty much exactly like I wanted it to be.

The yarn is apparently a sock yarn, but I would not use this on a pair of socks, at least not as the main yarn. It's weird how the mere 15% silk content makes this feel very different, lacking in structure, compared to regular sock yarn. I think it's much better suited for something that benefits from great drape, like shawls and scarves.

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  1. ooh! i'm always looking for the yarn/pattern combination for a scarf that is elegant, drapey, and overall really warm. this fits exactly. lovely scarf!