October 23, 2011

Super Cupcake

Super Cupcake

Looks like I accidentally knit something trendy; When I wore this hat for the first time the other day and visited a department store, they were selling a nearly identical hat, in colors that were clearly aimed at younger people.

It was a fun pattern to knit. On paper, it took me well over a week to finish, but had I actually concentrated on finishing it, I could have done so in a day or two, including blocking. I would like a knit another one in a different color. I only wish my favorite hat yarn, Rowan Kid Classic, came in a wider selection of colors. I already own three hats in three colors of this yarn, and I would like a different one. I like how this yarn creates a fuzzy surface but doesn't have so much mohair in it that the knitting would be painful (I detest knitting full mohair yarns).

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