January 21, 2012

Delicious Knee Socks

Delicious Knee Socks

Originally these socks were supposed to be my entry to the Solid Socks January KAL for a black, white or gray pair while, at the same time, using up some stash from 2007. However, as I was knitting the first sock I realized the black ONline Linie 3 Supersocke 100 was not going to be enough on its own, so I had to use another yarn for the ribbing, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Solid in a colorway that has a brown tint. So, no official KAL entry this time, either, but I was glad to be able to use two yarns that previously hadn't particularly inspired me. Using up old stash gives me a satisfying feeling, even if any amount of yarn knit will likely be replaced by twice the amount of new yarn.

This was my second time officially using Laura Chau's Delicious Knee Socks pattern, even though I've used the basic stitch amounts as a guideline for some other knee socks I've knit. It's a very nice generic toe-up knee sock pattern that comes in various foot and calf sizes and two different heights: regular knee socks and an over the knee version. I will likely be using it in some form in the future, as well, possibly substituting the heel with something else. I knit these with 2.0 mm needles at a pretty tight gauge, but with the mostly stockinette stitch pattern, with just the one cable in the back, they didn't they too long to finish. Since these will be mostly worn over wool leggings, the hiking down problem with some knee socks shouldn't be an issue.

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  1. I love the simplicity of these! I've knit a couple pairs of knee highs but have trouble keeping them up. Since you've made a few pairs too - do you have any hints?

    1. For knee socks that are worn without wool tights, I've used a rubber band inside a folded cuff on a couple of occasions, and it's worked well. You can even make the rubber band adjustable with a button and holes. There are rubber bands that are made with button holes.

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