September 9, 2013




My first project from the Swedish mitten book Solveigs Vantar, a pattern called Styvmorsviol modified for fingerless mittens. I started them off with the intention of knitting full-on mittens, but as I knit along I realized they would turn out way too small, so I improvised a fingerless version. There is no size or gauge specified in the book (for many patterns even the number of stitches to cast on or which stitch pattern to use for the cuff are not mentioned), and it turned out my gauge was way too tight for a comfortable fit. The photos in the book are mostly of very poor quality, and the colors used in the samples off-putting, but what inspired me to buy the book was seeing the mittens Pinneguri on Ravelry has knit from it. The colorwork charts, at least, are decent. I do want to knit more patterns from it, but it looks like I'll either have to do something about my gauge or add some stitches to the patterns to make regular women's sized mittens in the future, since I want to keep using fingering weight yarn. Here I used Wollmeise Pure in five different colors: Versuchskaninchen in green and dark purple, Petit Poison Nr. 5 light and medium, and Safran.

The Ravelry project page


  1. You knit so beautifully! Always such definite stitches and great yarn choices! Always a pleasure for the eyes!

    1. Thank you! I'm getting slightly better at colorwork, but not all the stitches are that definite yet.