December 24, 2013

Spring Blossom Mittens

Spring Blossom Mittens

A last minute Christmas gift, I knit these in two days. To keep the knitting marathon less monotonous, I reversed the colors for the second mitten. Oddly, this changes the way the colors look; the turquoise appears darker as a contrasting color than as the main color.

I wasn't completely happy with the pattern. The gauge information given is misleading: You're told to pick a yarn that knits to 30-35 stitches per 9 cm, while the width of the mittens is supposed to be 30 stitches and 10 cm. Knit with the given gauge, the mittens turn out pretty narrow. I knew to expect this, and with some blocking I was able to get the size closer to what I wanted. Also, the decreases or supposed grafting of the stitches are not explained at all in the pattern, so I would imagine some beginner knitters might have problems following it, even though I was able to figure it out on my own.

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