December 14, 2015

A Very Cloudy Nuvem

A Very Cloudy Nuvem

A Very Cloudy Nuvem

Since my second Nuvem turned into my favorite shawl to wear, it wasn't a hard decision to cast on a third one. And while knitting it I also broke the recond previously held by my second Nuvem: the WIP that was worked on the longest and yet finished. I'm generally not the kind of person who casts on a project and still feels like finishing it a year later; those projects usually end up in the frog pond. However, while there were numerous periods of time when I lost interest in my third Nuvem, I was pretty sure all this time I would eventually finish it. It was something that was comfortable to return to even after a long break, and I knew I would like the finished product.

As the last time, I replaced the ruffled edging with 2 x 2 ribbing. The yarn is Wollmeise Lacegarn as usual, this time in one of my favorite Wollmeise colorways, Wolke. I also used slightly larger needles than before, for a looser gauge and large size, and I can see and feel the difference. Part of the reason might be I've put my second Nuvem through a tumble dryer and I may not remember what it looked like before (it did not felt, just shrank slightly, which was my intention after it had stretched out a bit in use).

This is definitely going to be an everyday shawl. Based on my previous experience, Wollmeise Lacegarn wears amazingly well; after my previous Nuvem has been through the washer a few times (on wool cycle) and the dryer once (also on wool cycle) and still looks as good as new, I'm convinced about the quality of the yarn.

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  1. This is a fantastic shawl, it does look like a gorgeous cloud to be wrapped in with. Excellent job and fabulous yarn color!

    1. Thank you! I'm quite happy to finally get to wear it!