February 21, 2016

Winter's Fern

Winter's Fern

This lovely hat pattern from Trin Annelie practically turned into a large Létt-Lopi swatch, because I still have issues combining stranded knitting with other kind of stitches in a single project, at least when it's something that also needs to fit my larger than average head. Even after semi-aggressive blocking the stranded knitting section is too tight, while the hat overall is too long. But that's OK; I accept that not every project turns exactly the way I visualized it, particularly when working with unfamiliar yarn (SO different from the yarns I usually work with) without swatching. I'm aware this is the price I pay when I want to keep my hobbies spontaneous, no meticulous planning required if I don't feel like it. One thing I am quite happy with is the color combination, and I have some more experimentation left to do with Létt-Lopi.

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  1. I like the color combination too and the somewhat rustic look of the yarn.