April 16, 2016


Ceciliana Test

Ceciliana Test

I had the joy of test knitting Lisa Hannes' new pattern Ceciliana. The colorwork is done by mosaic knitting, so you always work with just one color at a time. Once you get used to the rhythm, the repeating pattern is quite easy to follow. I like the way the colors are reversed for the two mosaic knitting sections. I went with my staple Wollmeise, because that gave me the most freedom with color selection. Even though I previously was not totally in love with the cold orange of the Gänsefüsschen colorway, I really like how it pairs with one of my favorite Wollmeise colors, Ooohm. In certain lighting the combination of those two colors and the particular mosaic pattern causes some interesting visual illusions. I'm pretty sure the photos are safe to look at, though!

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  1. As always - amazing choice of colors! I would have never guessed these would go so well together and the combination definitely compliments your fair skin and hair.

    1. Oh, thank you! I have decided to keep this shawl to myself, we'll see what kind of use it gets!