February 21, 2010

Olympic Raspberry Beret

My second contribution to the Ravelympics, this simple hat pattern by Laura Chau, was perfectly suitable to be knit while watching TV. I was also glad to be able to use some year-old stash on this in an effort to slim down my ever-growing collection of yarn. I knit the size M eventually, because the size L I started at first was a bit too loose regardless of the fact that I have a big head (57 cm/ 22½ inches of head circumference feels slightly freaky for a short woman like me). I also used smaller than recommended needles for the ribbing, and that was the right choice. I might want to reknit this pattern with some drapier yarn, like alpaca, though, and something with less stitch definition, because I don't like the way the k2togs stand out with this yarn.


  1. Lovely! Great shape, great colour, great look. It suits you very well. Wish I could make a hat that I think would look good on me. I felt discouraged because I also have a big head (and short stature: I agree, it's very weird) - but now that I read your blog post, I might give it a try!
    I really like this hat because it looks so simple. Very stylish!