June 16, 2013



Romi Hill's Taygete was my first time using multicolored Wollmeise. For me, multicolored yarns are a bit tricky to use, and I like in the striped portion, but I think the edging would have been better off in a solid yarn; it just looks too loud for my taste. Otherwise, I really like the shape and size of this shawl, and I might re-knit it in some other colors. This time I used Neptun medium and Aurora WD. I also modified the edging, which in the original pattern was a picot one. Instead, I knit 2 x 2 ribbing for the bottom edge, and for the top edge I knit one row of purling and then bound of by k2tog on the wrong side. I really like how the top edge turned out.

The Ravelry project page


  1. Beautiful color combination and of course beautiful knitting!

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    1. It's flattering to get a comment from you, thank you for designing such beautiful and knittable shawl patterns!