January 15, 2019

Sukka-Finlandia 2019: Jean Next Door

Jean Next Door

Jean Next Door

It's my first time taking part in a knitting competition, and Jean Next Door is the first leg (heh heh) of the Finnish sock knitting competition Sukka-Finlandia, where the fastest wins it all. The first pattern is designed by Anna Johanna, and it's the most demanding sock pattern I've knit in a while, having been more drawn to vanilla socks or otherwise simpler patterns lately. With the cables in the leg I decided to go with the medium size, but decreased down to size small for the foot. Since I have no hope of winning a competition that's about speed, I didn't rush. Instead, I knit one extra pattern repeat on the leg, and I'm quite happy with the finished socks.

After submitting the socks to the competion I found out that after the first pair I'm in 117th place in a competition that probably has fewer than 200 participants. Reminds me of how every winter in elementary school I had to compete at cross-country skiing against the other girls in my class, and I barely made it to the top ten in a class of around ten girls. I think my personal best was 4th place on 1st class, and then it was all downhill (or uphill?) from there, never making it to the top three. You can probably tell physical education was not my favorite subject! Also, speed is not my thing, either, when it comes to motor skills any more complicated than walking. Even using a fork falls into the complicated category.

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