March 3, 2009

Spindling Away

The reason it's been somewhat slow in the knitting front is that I've been learning to spin. It was inevitable that at some point I would try it, and now was the time. The first try felt quite awkward and laborious, but quite quickly it got easier and faster. My first finished yarn (the single in the above picture) wasn't exactly a success, being way too over-spun. I'm now working on a 2-ply, but haven't got to the plying part yet. It's quite fun. So far, I've only used spindles, I have no experience on a spinning wheel yet, but I'm sure at some point a spinning wheel will be inevitable, as well.


  1. Oh that is way beautiful! My first was light and lumpy. The overtwist may soak out and you'll have fun feeling it again.

  2. That looks wonderful! Much better than my first spindling attempt. Spinning is very addictive and fun. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. well done! can't say my first yarn looked that good.
    i own a wheel and several spindles and i have to say that spindles are my first choice. granted it goes much slower on a spindle, but somehow it relaxes me more than the wheel.

  4. Very lovely! I like your color choice.
    I just learned to spin on a drop spindle this summer and I am loving it.