August 19, 2015

Second Try At Spinning

Shetland Humbug

My second spinning wheel project is a bit closer to what I envisioned making, but it still turned out way thicker than I expected. It's shocking how thin one ply needs to be if you want to end up with two or three-ply fingering weight yarn. While I was spinning this, I was convinced the 100 grams of fiber would turn into at least 400, but probably 500 or 600 meters of yarn. The reality: 227 meters.

I did feel my worsted spinning technique was more polished than it was at first, although there still was a fair amount of accidental thick-and-thin spinning going on. It also seems like this turned into a reasonably balanced yarn. I'm not so crazy about the colors; I think it would have looked nicer with less mixing, but I didn't have the capacity to worry about exact color sequences just yet. The single plies and the yarn out of Shetland Humbug felt fairly coarse at first, but washing really softened it up. The yarn is also surprisingly lofty, so I think I did an OK job not overspinning it.

The Ravelry project page

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