August 26, 2015

Tangerine Skarabäus

Tangerine Skarabäus

After I'd put away the loom for a while because my interest in weaving had waned, I saw photos of striped and pooled woven scarves, and felt I had to try making one myself. I used Wollmeise Pure in the Skarabäus colorway as the multicolored yarn, and Küken as the solid. Skarabäus is a pretty "mild" colorway when it comes to multicolors, and the color changes don't stand out as much as with some of my previous pooling scarves, but overall I like the striped look. It makes the scarf look longer and gives it visual structure. I think my future pooling scarves are now going be more or less striped. I have some ideas for using two different multicolored yarns on the same scarf for a stripy effect.

I didn't know until recently that the name of the colorway Skarabäus refers to a beetle, scarab. Now I like the colorway even slightly more than before because of that.

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