July 5, 2018

Day 1 of Jyväskylä Knit Festival 2018

Jyväskylä Knit Festival Day 1
Jyväskylä Knit Festival Day 1
Jyväskylä Knit Festival Day 1

I've been looking forward to the Jyväskylä Knit Festival for months, and now it's finally here (and I'm there)! On the first day I took part both in Isabell Kraemer's Top Down Sweater Knitting and Nancy Marchant's Tuck Into Your Own Brioche Cowl.

I've taken part in sweater related knitting classes before by other designers, and you learn something useful and interesting from everyone. I enjoy hearing what experts have to say on a subject, even though I've been knitting for about 20 years. I have relatively little experience in sweater knitting, and not all of it good, mostly due to fit issues.  This time I learned useful stuff particularly about the yoke construction. It helps in understanding why things happen in written patterns, and how to modify them for your own purposes.

At Nancy's Tuck Stitch class I felt like I was learning something elemental. While I'm familiar with brioche, I have very little experience with other tuck stitches. Tuck stitches seem to go particularly well cowls, as was the theme of the class, since they look interesting on the wrong side, as well. I'm totally inspired to knit a tuck stitch cowl now! I've been wanting to knit a cowl for a while now, just waiting for the right pattern. I actually already bought Nancy's Tuck Stitches book a while ago.  Probably the best thing I get out of knitting classes is inspiration!

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