January 3, 2009

Fiddlehead Mittens

Welcome to my new knitting blog! I used to have a blog before, but when my web host lost it several months ago, I've been too angry and frustrated to think of starting from scratch until now. Since I had already started getting sick of using Wordpress with the old blog, I thought this time I'll use something low maintenance which won't keep me from posting just because it's too awkward to use. Therefore, I chose blogger, which seems to be a popular choice among knitting bloggers. Hopefully this choice will have a more productive outcome.

The first project to be posted here is going to be Fiddlehead Mittens  by Adrian Bizilia that I made for my sister Susanna. They were easier than I'd expected, with the repeating and symmetrical pattern being relatively fast to knit. The hardest part for me was the i-cord cast on, which I'd never done before. Even though I used 2.5 mm needles, they turned out almost too large, especially the second mitten which I seem to have knit with a fairly loose tension when I tried to avoid making the stranded pattern too cramped (my stranded knitting technique could use some improvements). 

For the outer mitten I used one of my favorite 100% wool yarns, Paksu pirkkalanka, which is produced by a local company. It's great for stranded knitting and I've used it on mittens before. For the lining, I used Alpakka by SandnesGarn, again one of my favorite yarns, which is very soft, and enjoyable to knit. I'm quite happy with the result. The colors are quite toned down. I tried to choose colors my sister would like, but for my second go at this pattern I'm going use a totally different color palette, and something I will enjoy wearing (I'm thinking maybe orange combined with lighter gray, possibly with some green or red).


  1. These mittens are unbelievably gorgeous! Love the colours you've used. Bravo!!

  2. These are gorgeous - I love the simplicity of the two color look, lucky sister!