January 11, 2009

Knitter's Block

In the past few days, I feel I've been hit with a knitter's block: I've started three different projects, all of which ended up being ripped because I didn't like the way they turned out. Now I'm afraid of starting yet another project, thinking that yet another failure is going to kill my desire to knit anything for a long time. 

To channel my frustrated energy on something, I went through and re-organized all my yarn, needles and other knitting supplies last night. I was slightly embarrassed to realize how much yarn I have, considering I've been buying some more just this past week, too. It's definitely time for a yarn diet. I have absolutely no excuse to buy any more until I've made a signifigant dent to my current stash. Some of it I will probably give to my sister who seems to have been bitten by the knitting bug recently. 

I also found some needles that I didn't know I had. A couple of times recently I would have needed 5 mm DPNs, only to be surprised not to find any in my drawer. Well, they were there, just mixed in with about a hundred yarn labels I've been collecting for some unknown reason.


  1. yarn diet- that is exactly on my plate too.since i have started to put my stash on ravelry, i am shocked how much yarn i own. mind you i havened even put all of it on yet. oh well.
    and don't worry, your knitting mojo will soon return. it happened to me many times before

  2. I have not posted all my yarn on Ravelry, either. I try to post any new yarn that I buy, but about 25-30% of my existing yarn has not been posted. I'm hoping to get rid of it and imagine it never existed...