January 31, 2015

One Shade of Grey

One Shade of Grey

One Shade of Grey

I'd probably not recommend using alpaca as warp in your first weaving project. It keeps stretching out of shape, and therefore isn't the easiest or most enjoyable warp material, although it's manageable. I anxiously wanted to get this done so it'd be over with and I could return to something I actually enjoy weaving. Even though weaving projects usually lose length due to the way a woven fabric is formed, I think this one actually grew in size. In any case, I quite like the finished product, it's so fluffy and lightweight. So far I haven't done anything to the fringe, but I don't think the yarn ends are going to withstand a lot of abrasion, so I'll probably have to do something about that.

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  1. This is looking so classy! Beautiful!

    And thanks for responding to my previous question re. the loom you are using. I've had a look at them online. Now, of course, I am coveting one... ;)